How do I construct a sentence in Spoken?

  1. Tap the first word of the sentence from the word suggestions. Scroll down the list to reveal more suggested words.
An arrow points to the word how in the list of predicted words.
  1. Tap the next words in the sentence. They will speak as you choose them.
The word How is now added to the text box at the top of the screen. The arrow now points to the word Are.
How are is now in the textbox. The word you is being pointed to.
  1. When completed, tap the speaker icon to speak the entire sentence aloud.
The phrase How are you is completed and the arrow is now pointing to the speaker button to the right of the phrase.
  1. Tap the orange “x” to erase the sentence and start over.
An arrow points to the X to the left of the phrase How are you.
  1. To manually type a word, open the keyboard by tapping the keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen.
An arrow points to the icon at the bottom center of the Spoken AAC app.
  1. Type a letter to get word suggestions starting with that letter. Or, just type in entire words.
The keyboard is open and the user has typed the letter h, which changes all of the listed suggestions to words beginning with that letter.
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