How do I use Spoken to write and draw words?

Sometimes it’s easier to write or draw words rather than use the keyboard. Spoken lets you use your finger or stylus to spell things out, or draw a picture of what you’d like to say.

Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom of the home screen.

An arrow points to the keyboard icon, located at the bottom middle of the Spoken AAC app UI.

To write, select the cursive “A” icon and a canvas will appear. Begin writing a letter and word predictions will appear that start with that letter.

The icon that activates the writing canvas, located to the left of the keyboard icon, has been tapped and the canvas is now on screen where the keyboard usually would be. The word Hello has been handwritten in the space and Spoken has understood it and converted it into typed text.

Continue writing letters, or if the word that you want appears, select the word. Alternatively, you can write out the entire word and tap the arrow icon to submit the word and clear the canvas. If you just want to clear the canvas, tap the “X” icon.

Switch to draw mode by tapping the pencil icon. Begin drawing a picture and you will get word predictions based on your drawing. Select the word you want from the list. To clear the canvas, tap the “X” icon.

The icon that activates the drawing canvas, located to the right of the keyboard icon, has now been tapped and a simple house is drawn on the canvas. Above, Spoken guesses the word house correctly, followed by equally plausible possibilities like barn, dog house, and church.

Tap the keyboard icon to switch back, or the active icon to close the canvas.

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