April 3, 2024

Spoken Announces Update and Plans for Autism Acceptance Month

Latest Speech App Update and Special Promotion Aim to Boost Communication Access

A closeup of the Spoken AAC app overlaying a background with many of the new icons from the app update.

Summary: Spoken Inc., at the forefront of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology, introduces a new update to its app, complemented by a 50% off sale for Autism Acceptance Month. This dual initiative not only enhances the app’s functionality but also seeks to expand awareness and accessibility to the millions of adults, including those in the autistic community, who could benefit from AAC.

Marietta, OH: In its latest effort to bridge communication gaps, Spoken has announced an update to its augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app, aimed at providing adults with speech challenges a more intuitive and inclusive tool for expression. Alongside this update, Spoken is offering a 50% discount on its premium version throughout April in support of Autism Acceptance Month and the many individuals on the autism spectrum who benefit from AAC. This move underscores Spoken’s dedication to making AAC technology more accessible and raising awareness about its benefits.

The centerpiece of the app update is the pairing of icons with over 600 additional terms, a critical enhancement that addresses two key user needs. First, it significantly speeds up word identification. Spoken’s unique AI-driven predictive feature presents a list of words the user is most likely to say, a process where an adjacent icon can be pivotal in quick and accurate word selection.

“Through the addition of all these new icon-word pairings, we’re making it easier for users to articulate their thoughts using the app. We’ve designed our icons to be minimalistic yet easy to understand, facilitating immediate recognition without overwhelming the user,” explains Evan Lauer, designer at Spoken. This design philosophy ensures that icons serve as helpful guides rather than distractions.

Second, the update offers invaluable support for users who may struggle with word recall despite being able to visualize what they want to express. “For those who find it challenging to retrieve specific words due to conditions like anomic aphasia, these icon-word pairings can be a lifeline, bridging the gap between thought and communication,” Lauer adds.

Spoken’s initiative this month also aims to address a larger issue—the millions of adults worldwide who could significantly benefit from AAC technology but remain unreached due to a lack of awareness. Lauer explains, “A lot of adults don’t even realize AAC is an option because so much of it is aimed at children, focusing on speech acquisition and development, with simple vocabulary. The experience of using these apps or devices can feel limiting or even infantilizing. That is a big problem for autistic teens and adults, who are already infantilized by stereotypes. Spoken’s ability to dynamically suggest words strips away the restrictions inherent to most AAC, making it a great option for already literate adults; they can talk like themselves about any topic they want.”

Spoken believes AAC can be for anyone. “Our app has proven that it can be a vital communication tool, not just for those who are unable to speak, but also for individuals who may choose AAC as a preferred method of expression,” Lauer emphasizes. “During Autism Acceptance Month, we’re especially focused on helping the autistic community discover how Spoken can support their communication needs, offering an empowering alternative for those who sometimes go nonverbal or find speech draining.”

The company is also offering a half-off discount on its premium version throughout April to improve access. “The core of our app will always be free because communication is a fundamental right. However, to sustain our mission and continue to innovate, we’ve introduced a few premium features. This month, we’re cutting the price of those in half to ease any financial barriers preventing users from accessing the best tools for their communication needs,” explains Lauer. The sale continues Spoken’s yearly tradition, celebrating Autism Acceptance Month and underscoring their dedication to the autistic community.

About Spoken Inc.: Spoken is pioneering in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology, with a mission to empower individuals facing speech and communication challenges. Focusing on the surprisingly underserved yet expansive audience of teens and adults with communication difficulties, Spoken’s app leverages advanced AI to predict what its users want to say, facilitating a seamless communication experience unlike anything typical AAC can offer. By continuously innovating and advocating for broader awareness, Spoken aims to unlock new possibilities for users to express themselves freely and confidently. For more information, visit spokenaac.com.

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Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.