Spoken’s 5 Most Useful Features

Spoken is a powerful app designed for people with communication and language disorders, such as aphasia and nonverbal autism. It allows users to speak their thoughts out loud, while the app transcribes their words in real-time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five most useful features of the Spoken app. For a comprehensive list of features, see our documentation here.


Spoken’s core feature is its ability to predict what the user wants to say. This feature is particularly useful for anyone that struggles with recalling words, as it provides suggestions that will help them with their recollection by giving them a head start on their thoughts. In doing so, it can help them speak more fluently and with greater ease!

Saved Phrases

Spoken’s saved phrases feature allows users to store frequently used phrases or sentences, which can save time and reduce the effort needed to speak. For people with communication and language disorders, this can be particularly helpful for tasks such as making phone calls or ordering food at a restaurant, where they may need to use the same phrases repeatedly.

Drawing and Writing Canvases

Spoken’s drawing and writing canvases give users alternate ways to communicate. Spoken is able to recognize drawn images and provide suggestions based on the drawing. This can be helpful for people who struggle with verbal communication or who find it easier to express themselves visually. In a similar vein, Spoken can read your handwriting and predict what you’re trying to say.

The Attention Button

Spoken’s attention button allows users to alert caregivers or other listeners with a single tap. This can be extremely useful in emergency situations, or just for grabbing someone’s attention, as the name implies. The button will make the device’s flashlight blink and play a short noise, both of which can be customized from the settings menu.

Customizable Voices

With Spoken, users can choose from a wide range of voices and adjust the pitch, speed, and volume to their liking. This can be helpful for those who may have difficulty understanding certain voices. Additionally, it allows users to express themselves in the way that they want.

Spoken is a powerful app that can help people with communication and language disorders communicate more effectively and with greater ease. Its predictions, saved phrases, drawing and writing canvases, attention button, and customizable voices are features that make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. We encourage you to give Spoken a try and see how it can help you or your loved ones communicate more confidently and comfortably.

About Spoken

Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.