Spoken has many unique and powerful features that make it stand out from other AAC offerings. Looking for something in particular? This is a comprehensive list of everything Spoken currently has to offer.


Spoken leverages AI to offer predictive text that guesses what you want to say. It learns from your speech patterns and gives better suggestions the more you use it.

  • Personalized Predictions: You can teach Spoken basic information about yourself, such as the names of the people and places you interact with the most so that it will begin suggesting those names.
  • Contextual Predictions: Spoken can adapt its suggestions to your location — if you're somewhere like a restaurant or hospital, it will provide more relevant predictions for those contexts. For example, words like “appetizers,” “dessert,” and “drinks” are more likely to appear when you visit a restaurant if this feature is enabled in settings.


Spoken offers three methods of input: typing, writing, and drawing. All three inputs interact with the predictions to make entering text more intuitive.


Typing: Conventional text-to-speech functionality. The app’s predictive text feature will assist you by guessing the completed word, speeding up the communication process.


Writing: Spoken features a canvas for handwriting, which it can read out loud. This input is ideal if you can't type very quickly.


Drawing: Spoken recognizes simple drawings and translates them into words, which is particularly useful if you have difficulty recalling the names of objects.

Tapping on the keyboard icon gives access to the other inputs.

Saved Phrases

Once you've written something, you can also save it for later use in the easily accessible saved phrases menu.

Accessing the saved phrases menu is as simple as tapping this button.

Saved phrases can be reordered so your most important phrases are always on top.

Natural-Sounding Voices

Spoken offers a wide selection of natural-sounding voices covering a variety of accents and identities. The pitch, speed, and volume of all voices can be customized to better reflect individual users.

The Attention Button

Spoken's attention button allows users to alert caregivers or other listeners with a single tap. This can be extremely useful in emergency situations, or just for grabbing someone's attention, as the name implies. The button will make the device's flashlight blink and play a short noise, both of which can be customized from the settings menu.

The attention button is located on the header for convenience.

Accessibility Features

Spoken comes with additional accessibility features for users who might need them.

  • Large Print
  • Dark Mode
  • Word Dividers


  • Share: Quickly send what you've written in Spoken over text, email, etc.
  • Show Large: Display your message at full screen for showing to someone else
  • Block Words: Choose words that you don't want to appear in your predictions
Hold down on this button after entering text for additional options.

About Spoken

Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.