Why upgrade to Spoken Premium?

Spoken Premium grants unlimited access to features that are unavailable or restricted after your trial has expired. Communication essentials will always remain free, but there are a few benefits to upgrading:

Personalized Predictions

Spoken Premium learns from the way you talk and offers suggestions unique to you, personalizing your experience so that you sound more like yourself. You can also teach Spoken basic information about yourself so that it will suggest things like the names of loved ones or locations you frequent, making conversation more streamlined and personal.


While the free version limits you to a single default voice, Premium gives you access to a robust selection of high-quality, realistic voices that you can adjust to fit your way of speaking.

Saved Phrases

Spoken Premium also comes with the ability to save phrases for future use. This is especially useful when it comes to phrases you might find yourself repeating often, like greetings, questions, or pleasantries.

Writing and Drawing Canvases

One of our more recent additions, the writing and drawing canvases give you alternative ways to input text. With Premium, you can simply draw or use your own handwriting to speak!

Upcoming Features

Purchasing Spoken for Life via our website will guarantee you access to all of the latest improvements as we continue to add more premium features in the future. We also have monthly and yearly payment plans available.

About Spoken

Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.