New to Version 1.8.7

An image showing off the new Saved Phrases editing mode.

Spoken is back with a small yet useful update, implementing a highly-requested feature. In it, you can expect the following:

We’re excited to introduce this update and, as always, hope it improves your ability to communicate! You can download it today via the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Saved Phrases Improvements

The Saved Phrases expansion introduces several significant improvements to the Saved Phrases tab, making it more user-friendly and efficient. The menu is now much wider, giving your phrases more breathing room. This addresses the need for more space and better organization of saved phrases.

Another key improvement is the introduction of an editing mode. This mode allows users to easily reorder or delete their saved phrases. This functionality is particularly useful for those who frequently update their phrase collection or want to stay better organized.

We’ve also added visual confirmation when a phrase is saved. If a user saves a new phrase while on the Saved Phrases tab, the phrase is not only saved but also highlighted and scrolled to automatically. This visual cue serves as an immediate confirmation, making it clear that the action was successful. On the other hand, if a user saves a phrase while they are outside of the tab, a small notification appears beside the Saved Phrases menu icon. This subtle yet effective notification ensures that users are aware their phrase has been saved, even when they are not actively viewing the Saved Phrases tab.

We’ve also taken an extra step to prevent duplicate phrases. If a user tries to save a phrase that was already saved in the past, the system highlights the existing saved phrase. This feature helps in avoiding unnecessary repetition and keeps the phrase collection concise and well-organized.

Redesigned Walkthrough

Our walkthrough has been significantly redesigned to enhance the initial user experience. A major change is that the walkthrough now starts immediately upon sign up, welcoming new users and providing them with a guided introduction to the platform’s features and functionalities.

The walkthrough itself has been broken down into simple, easy-to-follow tooltips. This segmentation makes the learning process more manageable and less overwhelming for new users, enabling them to quickly grasp the basics of the platform.

Recognizing user autonomy, the new walkthrough can be exited at any time. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who prefer to explore the platform independently or who already have familiarity with similar platforms. The ability to opt out of the walkthrough at any point provides a sense of control and personalization to the user experience.

Moreover, users who wish to revisit the walkthrough, either for a refresher or to explore features they might have skipped initially, can easily restart it from the settings menu. This flexibility is key, as it accommodates different learning styles and needs. Users can return to the walkthrough at their own convenience, ensuring that they can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities whenever they feel ready.

About Spoken

Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.