November 2023 Content Roundup

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For November, we have another round of great content to share! Each month, we bring you a collection of content from your favorite topics so you can keep up with all the latest news and resources.

Aphasia Resources

The holiday period, rich with family gatherings, heartfelt movies, and the festive spirit, can be daunting for those navigating communication challenges. However, this article shines a beacon of hope, offering practical strategies to transform potential anxiety into heartwarming celebration. Learn how to educate loved ones, practice functional phrases, and prepare for social settings.

Saving a Place at the Table for Aphasia

Sarah Villard’s research, supported by the ASHFoundation, addresses a significant challenge for people with aphasia—understanding speech amidst background noise, a situation often encountered during holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving. This piece outlines her mission to improve social inclusivity for those with aphasia, offering a glimpse into the strides being made towards better communication in lively environments.

Autism Advocacy

Sauce Walka Overjoyed as His Non-Verbal, Autistic Daughter Says His Ad-Lib for the First Time

Experience the joy with Houston-based rapper, Sauce Walka, as he shares a miraculous family moment: his non-verbal, autistic daughter speaking his signature ad-lib, “oowee,” for the first time. This tender milestone unfolded while unpacking Houston Rockets gear, a simple prompt from Sauce turned into an unforgettable breakthrough, prompting a celebration filled with laughter and hugs. This touching story isn’t just about a word spoken; it’s a father’s pride and happiness as his daughter finds her voice in a shared language of familial love.

Speech Spotlight

The Brain’s Reading Riddle: Dual Brain Regions Unlock Language’s Depths

Check out this article summarizing a fascinating study from UTHealth Houston, which explores the brain’s role in interpreting meaning from text. The research sheds light on the specific brain regions that come into play during reading—the posterior temporal cortex and the inferior frontal cortex. Understanding the function of these areas offers significant clues into the difficulties encountered by individuals with aphasia, particularly in grasping context and making semantic inferences. Insights from this study are poised to enhance our understanding and treatment of aphasia, especially in cases resulting from frontal lobe strokes.

Prescott Regional Airport First in Nation To Offer AAC Communication Boards for the Non-Verbal, Language-Limited

Prescott Regional Airport is the first airport in the United States to introduce communication boards, a significant advancement for travelers with speech and language challenges. These boards, complete with picture symbols and words, will be placed at key points like ticket kiosks and gates, with additional resources available in pamphlets. Read more about it here.

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