March 2023 Content Roundup

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Each month, we’re planning to bring you a roundup of interesting content dealing with autism, aphasia, communication, and the intersection of these topics with technology.

Technology and Communication

New App Uses AI to Interpret the Emotions Expressed by Non-Verbal Individuals

This article discusses an intriguing new app called Empathic, which uses artificial intelligence to assist in understanding what emotions are being expressed through nonverbal vocalizations. It’s meant to support people that do not have the ability to use other forms of assisted communication technology, hopefully improving their quality of life.

Living With Aphasia

When the Words Won’t Come. This Is My Life with Aphasia

This insightful article – originally featured in The Washington Post – details the author’s personal experience with aphasia and her hard-fought recovery. Her goal is to give hope to others with aphasia and their families by sharing her story.

Mum-of-Two Couldn’t Communicate after a Stroke – Now She’s an International Model

Following that, we have another perspective on dealing with the condition and the process of recovery. Pamela Bateman Lee demonstrates that it’s not only possible to deal with aphasia, but also to find new success amidst the diagnosis.

How One Veteran Shares His Aphasia Diagnosis with the World

Here’s one final story detailing someone’s success in recovering from aphasia — this time an Air Force veteran named Bho Delos Santos. The article explains how challenging himself became key to Santos’ recovery and also discusses how he made use of the VA’s Program for Intensive Residential Aphasia Treatment (PIRATE).

The Importance of AAC

Speech Pathologist Sits Next to an Autistic Boy on an 8-Hour Flight and Shares an Incredible Journey with Him

This uplifting story is a few years old, but recently regained traction. In addition to exhibiting how far kindness and patience can go, it also demonstrates how much of a difference access to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can make, even in the simplest forms and without a dedicated device.

Autism Advocacy

Autism Is Real and Common — Society Should Act Like It

Finally, let’s conclude on this well-put piece on the importance of normalizing autism so that people living with it can stay better accommodated. We felt this was especially timely to share with Autism Acceptance Month right around the corner.

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