July 2023 Content Roundup

It’s that time again! Each month, we bring you a roundup of content from the topics you’re interested in so you can keep up with all the latest news and resources.

Technology and Communication

The iPad Was Meant To Revolutionize Accessibility. What Happened?

When the iPad debuted in 2010, many people thought it would revolutionize Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Unfortunately, it fell short of those expectations, and this article exposes why. While we believe Spoken has proven that there’s still potential for innovation in the world of AAC apps, you can’t help but wonder why the AAC industry overall has grown stagnant amidst the emergence of powerful hardware like the iPad.

Aphasia Resources

6 Tips to Traveling With Aphasia Like a Pro

The prospect of traveling can seem intimidating for anyone living with aphasia, but the tips outlined in this article can make the experience a lot less stressful!

How a Dundee Exercise Club Is Helping Stroke Survivors With Aphasia

This article features the stories of several stroke survivors and explains how an exercise club in Scotland is helping them deal with their aphasia. It’s an inspiring story about how community and support can make a huge difference in recovery.

I Got Sick With Brain Inflammation and Forgot How To Speak. I Learned It Was Aphasia.

If you’re familiar with aphasia, this compelling story will resonate deeply with you. The author shares her personal experience with aphasia after experiencing brain inflammation and explains how she was able to use writing as a guiding light throughout her recovery.

Autism Advocacy

A Catalyst For Change: NIH Makes First Call For Research Supporting Minimally Verbal People

The US National Institutes of Health has made a new push for more research to support minimally verbal and fully nonverbal autistic individuals. What does that mean for the future? Find out in this article.

Reshaping the Narrative About Autism

This eye-opening article delves into the negative impact of deficit-focused language, explains the game-changing concept of asset-framing, and explores the positive impact of embracing a narrative that celebrates diverse talents. It’s time to change how we talk about autism!

About Spoken

Spoken is an app that helps people with aphasia, nonverbal autism, and other speech and language disorders.