April 2024 Content Roundup

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Welcome back to Spoken’s monthly roundup. As always, we have a bunch of new stories to share covering topics like nonverbal autism, aphasia, and assistive technology. Check them out!

Autism Advocacy

World Autism Acceptance Day, 2024

This month featured a significant moment for the autism community: US President Joe Biden officially declared April 2, 2024 as World Autism Acceptance Day. Check out the proclamation here.

Technology and Communication

Autcraft Reveals AAC Plugin for Minecraft

A new plugin for Minecraft aims to break down barriers in communication for gamers. The tool uses an in-game picture board to simplify chatting for players who find traditional typing challenging. Originally developed for a small community, it’s now available for all. Read more about its features and impact in this article.

Teenage Vocabulary in Peer Interactions: Implications for Teen AAC Users

AAC, meet Urban Dictionary. A new study explores the implications of leaving teenage vocabulary out of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The research sheds light on the vital role of peer-specific language in identity formation and social belonging. According to the study, accessing this dynamic vocabulary might be crucial for social integration.

Speech Spotlight

E-luminations: An AAC User Shares How Her Device Makes ‘Language Make More Sense’

Take some time to read this young AAC user’s story about her transition from struggling with verbal dyspraxia to effectively communicating with an AAC device. She shares the challenges she faced before discovering AAC, including how repeated phrases from her surroundings were her only means of communication. This personal account highlights the crucial role AAC can play for so many people.

Speed of Speech Could Be a Cognitive-Decline Indicator, Study Suggests

This intriguing new research challenges existing methods of cognitive assessment. It suggests word-finding capabilities aren’t necessarily a good indicator of cognitive decline, at least in comparison to talking speed. The study goes on to demonstrate how decreased speed of speech may reflect changes in executive function, which could transform diagnostic approaches moving forward.

Communication in Culture

You Nearly Missed: Théâtre La Seizième’s Captivating Maurice

Vancouver’s Théâtre la Seizième recently debuted a new play titled Maurice, which follows a man relearning to communicate after a devastating stroke. Based on a true story, the production aimed to capture the emotional journey of stroke recovery and the challenges of aphasia. Although the showings at Théâtre la Seizième have now concluded, you can read more about Maurice here.

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