Speak sentences on your tablet as fast as you can tap.

Spoken is the natural-language assistant for people with aphasia and other speech and language disorders.
It’s an entirely new kind of augmentative and alternative communication that predicts the words you want next.
You build real sentences quickly on your iPad, and Spoken speaks them automatically.


Speak in Sentences

You're not limited to simple phrases and icons. Every word you select brings up the words you’re likely to want next. As fast as you can tap, you can put your thoughts into real sentences that capture your full meaning.

Spoken Learns Your Style

Everybody’s got their own way of talking. Spoken learns yours. The more you use it, the better it gets at predicting what you want to say. Express yourself more quickly and more fully with intelligent predictive language.


Spoken Is Easy

Spoken is made for your tablet, made to be easy. No new devices. No confusing menus. Spoken understands and predicts what you want to say next. You tap. Spoken talks. It’s that easy.

What’s on your mind? Say it with Spoken.

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